Saturday, June 13, 2009

Quo Vadis Trip to Rome

On 24th June a group of us will be travelling out to Rome for our first pilgrimage to the Eternal City. We're planning to visit all the important sites and to celebrate Holy Mass in the catacombs and, if possible in St Peter's as well. We will be there on for the closing of the Year of St Paul and for the Mass at which Archbishop Vincent Nichols will receive from the Holy Father his Pallium as the new Archbishop of Westminster.
Please pray for the success of our pilgrimage. We are all looking forward to it.


Jamesblythe said...

I'm so jealous Father - have fun!

Fr Stephen said...

We will James. Sorry you can't come. We'll try to arrange a later one next year.

Kate said...

There are some very excited pilgrims in our home at the moment!In our younger son's case, we had to request leave of absence from the (non-Catholic) school, and the Head has agreed his absence with great grace and generosity of spirit.
We'll be praying for you all and hoping you have a wonderful pilgrimage.