Friday, May 29, 2009

Year for Priests - What will you do?

What could you do in your parishes to mark the year for priests? I received an email today from someone in the diocese who always encourages me in my work. He first of all told me:
"We have Eucharistic Adoration for vocations in our parish every Friday from 7am till 9pm. You will always find someone present in prayer".
And then when on to speak of the plans for the Year for Priests:
"We are going to celebrate the anniversary of the ordination of our two priests to the priesthood on Sunday 12th July. The intentions at the two masses will be “To thank almighty God for [their] vocation. I am presently organizing all the various societies in the parish to participate and so far everyone is really enthusiastic. To be honest everyone approached actually loved the idea".
Sometimes people want years such as this to be marked by big diocesan events - which have their place of course - but I can't help feeling these little local initiatives will have a more long-lasting effect. So have a think. What will you do in your parish?


Anonymous said...

Adopt a Seminarian!

Fr Stephen said...

That's a very good idea. Who else would like to adopt a Southwark seminarian?