Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Pure Heart Create for Me

Last year, to mark the fortieth anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the parish priest of St Patrick's, Soho, Fr Alexander Sherbrooke, organised a series of talks on 'Theology of the Body Today'. I gave one of the talks, shamelessly cribbing the title ('Aids, Condoms & the Catholic Church') from Fr Tim Finigan - who followed me with a talk entitled 'Challenge to the Culture'. Other contributors included Bishop Alan Hopes, Fr Anthony Doe, William Newton and James Parker.
I was very impressed by the number of people who turned up each evening, and particularly by the fact that there was no significant drop off over a series that spanned the best part of three months. Later it was suggested by some of those present that as many of the talks as possible should be collected and published to be made available to a wider audience. Robert Colquhoun was tasked with the job of assembling the material and editing it for publication. The book has now been published by Family Publications and it will be launched at St Patrick's on Thursday 18th June. It's not yet available on the Family Publications website but it will be worth looking out for.

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Kate said...

Thanks Fr., that'll be one to look forward to.