Sunday, May 17, 2009

From Atheist to Christian

Sometimes we need to look elsewhere for quite encouraging news. I'd missed, for example, any reports in the British press of the conversion from atheism to a belief in God by two important English writers. So I was pleased to come across this article in the Spanish publication Aceprensa. For those of you who struggle with Spanish let me give you the introduction to the article and a translation. It's quite fun:

Desde que Richard Dawkins y compañía comenzaron su particular cruzada para salvar al mundo de la creencia en Dios, las filas del ateísmo han sufrido algunas bajas importantes. Primero fue el filósofo inglés Antony Flew que, tras estudiar los recientes hallazgos científicos sobre el origen de la vida, llegó a aceptar la existencia de Dios (cfr. Aceprensa, 16-04-2009). Ahora le ha seguido Andrew Norman Wilson, un novelista, biógrafo y articulista de renombre en la prensa británica.

"Ever since Richard Dawkins and company began their particular crusade to save the world from belief in God, the ranks of atheism have suffered some notable setbacks. The first was the English philosopher Anthony Flew who, have studied recent scientific advances concerning the origin of life, has come to accept the existence of God. Now he has been followed by Andrew Norman Wilson, a renowned author, biographer and commentator in the British press".

The article goes on to say that while Flew hasn't embraced any particular religion, Wilson has returned to his Anglican roots. The article has a link to the New Stateman which carries a fuller account of Wilson's return to Christianity.

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