Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. We leave behind the mad rush of last week and enter Holy Week with great solemnity. Our main Mass begins outside with the Blessing of Palms, proclamation of the Gospel and Solemn Procession. Term is already over so our numbers are down a bit today: only 1102 people at Mass. Nevertheless I was pleased to see quite a few join us for the main Mass and Procession. The route back into the Church takes us along a path with raised flower beds on either side and, for a short distance, on the public footpath. I like to use all these elements. For me it is a physical reminder of the fact that we are to enter Holy Week with our whole being.
After Mass seven of us sat down for an enjoyable lunch.

One of the features this Lent has been to try to get people to read more about their faith. We have a CTS display in the narthex that we keep up to date with new titles as they come out. Luckily I have a kind parishioner who looks after this for me. I'm always impressed at the variety of booklets we stock and at how rapidly we go through them. I'm also pleased that, having plugged them for Lent, quite a few people have told me that they have found them very helpful.

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