Sunday, April 05, 2009

Canterbury Chaplaincy

On Tuesday evening I travelled down to John Stone House, the Catholic University Chaplaincy in Canterbury. Fr Peter Geldard the university chaplain always invites me down in the spring to give a talk about vocations to the students.
I'm very impressed by the Chaplaincy. Fr Peter is an excellent chaplain: he is dedicated and hard-working and organises a great range of activities for the students. He knows his students well and they clearly have a great affection for him. He keeps in contact with them all through an e-newsletter. After the talk there is a meal followed by the opening of the student bar - or The Barque as it is known. Donations for the meal go towards sponsoring a trip to Lourdes for one of the students. Some of the students leave after the meal to get back to their studies but for those who stay there is a screening of 'Fishers of Men' which has lost nothing of its ability to impress and inspire. One fo the girls tells me she is considering religious life and a couple of lads have a chat about priestly vocations.
Since Canterbury is quite some way from my parish, he kindly lets me stay overnight and we have breakfast together which gives us a chance to catch up on news - diocesan and otherwise.

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Tom said...

I feel I discovered my own vocation by being involved with the Canterbury Chaplaincy! I wonderful gift to the Church and the students!