Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where I will be tomorrow...

After the early morning Mass tomorrow I'll be catching the train to Scotland in order to give a talk to the students at Canmore - the Catholic Society - in the evening. I've been asked to speak again on the topic of "Aids, Condoms and the Catholic Church" which has proved very popular since I first gave it as part of the Theology of the Body Series at St Patrick's, Soho, last year.
I've also had a few requests for the "Charles Darwin and the Culture of Death" talk that got a mention in The Times a few Saturdays ago.
I'm hoping that the train journey will give me some time to work on a couple of talks I have to give in New Malden on Saturday afternoon. The Maryvale Catechists' Course is being run from there this year. I'm pleased to see that a number of parishes have followed the Holy Ghost example and are now offering it to parishioners in different parts of London. Although it's a home-study course there are termly study days and Birmingham is a bit far for many people to travel to these so it's better to offer them locally. On Saturday I have to give an introduction to Moral Theology which will be drawn largely from Veritatis Splendor and also an explanation of the Church's teaching on contraception which I will draw from my notes for marriage preparation.
Say a prayer the trip to St Andrew's goes well. Perhaps I will meet some potential vocations...

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