Sunday, March 15, 2009

Romeward Bound

Tomorrow I fly out to Rome where I will be staying at the Venerable English College until Friday. It will be the first time in many years that I've stayed there. In the past I've always stayed with Italian friends. This time, however, I am going out on an official trip to visit our three seminarians in Rome.
I hope to catch up with some other friends while I'm out there and I have one or two tasks of a sartorial nature to perform. Importantly I want to visit a few places where we might be able to stay with a group of seminarians and those thinking of the priesthood. It need to be relatively inexpensive - any ideas? The plan is to go out some time in late June.

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Marianne said...

Hi Fr Stephen
Great talk at the Maryvale Catechist Course on Saturday.
Regarding accomodation in Rome. My daughter is at the Emmanuel School of Mission. They own a hotel the Domus Aurelia, the school has the top 3 floors including chapel- Eucharistic Adoration and Holy Mass there every day. The Community and 19 students (from all over the world) , aged 20-30ish also look after the San Lorenzo International Youth Centre set up by John Paul II.
The hotel is in the Via Aurelia, about 10 mins walk from the Vatican. The website address is -and the website of the School of Mission is
I understand the rates are very reaonable- many priests stay there and some bring groups with them.