Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On the Train

I'm currently on the train on the way to Leuchars. We should soon be arriving at Edinburgh. Apart from resisting the complementary Apple & Blackberry and Chocolate Chunk and Pecan handmade biscuits (Lent) I've been able to get some work done, catch up with Facebook and look at one or two blogs. I've also, of course, been able to pray the Rosary and the Office and do some spiritual reading. I've got iBreviary - an online version of the Office which avoids the need to carry bulky books in my luggage.
I'd forgotten how lovely the Scottish countryside is - we are travelling through small towns and villages and it is still winter but even so, every now and again there are breath-taking views. I'm currently looking over to some snow-covered hills. It really is very pleasant.
I'm not really a fan of public transport - I'm sure London traffic would flow better if we banned all the buses! -  but I'm impressed by the train to Scotland. Clean, comfortable seats, good food (I went for a toothsome Caesar Salad), and as much coffee as you can drink. It does help that I've got six seats to myself (spoke too soon we've arrived and two have just been taken), giving me plenty of space to rehearse tonight's presentation.
On the way this morning I met a journalist who writes for the Guardian and took great pleasure in telling her the title of tonight's talk. When asked, 'Oh is that still an issue?' I was able to reel off a few facts that left her a bit startled. She is someone I know and a practising Catholic but she didn't seem to want to take them up for her column but perhaps one day people will begin to see the inherent contradiction in government policy.

I it just me or has anyone else noticed that people on public transport are always just starting a book - no one is ever at the end just about to finish?

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