Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bella Roma

Last week I was in Rome but didn't have internet access and so wasn't able to blog anything. I was encouraged to meet our seminarians and see that they are getting on well. It was also good to visit the English College - where I trained - and to witness first hand the tremendous restoration work that is taking place there. I also visited the Beda and met with the faculty. I had time to do some shopping and, of course, to catch up with numerous friends. Even so there were many people I did not see - so apologies if you were left out!

For those with eyes to see Rome is a tremendous place for the Englishman to take a stroll and be reminded of his homeland. I'm sure many readers of this blog will know Rome well, so here's a little quiz for you...

Where would you find this little plaque that marks a property of the English College now lost because a former Rector didn't collect the rent?

Our Quo Vadis Group meets in St Osmund's Church in Barnes. But where would they find this ancient image of St Osmund?

Who paid for the restoration of this monument to the Stewarts?

One cherub hold the sceptre and and another the crown she never wore. Who was Maria Clementine?

When did this building stop being the British embassy and where is it to be found?

This monument to the Catholic son of the great anti-slavery MP is found in a particularly beautiful Roman Church. Any idea which one? And what current connection does it have with England and Wales?


Catholic Student said...

The last one re: the plague.

the church wouldn't be Santa Maria sopra Minerva would it?

If so...then the connection would be it's Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor's titular church.

Fr Stephen said...

Well done Catholic Student. It is S Maria Sopra Minerva, as you say Cardinal Cormac's titular Church.

Now what about the others?