Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back to the Parish

Today we had an exciting day in the parish. Fr Augustus went with the Confirmation Group for a Day of Recollection at Aylesford Priory. They left quite early and got back late evening after a stop over for a spot of bowling. The Year 7 children had their sponsored walk to Westminster Cathedral (stopping for some football in Battersea Park). They were raising money for a specific project of Aid to the Church in Need. I don't know how much they raised yet but I hope, for their sake, it was a respectable sum - they put a lot of effort into it.
After the morning Mass and confessions I had two rounds of baptisms. We now have so many baptisms that we have had to increase the available times. In addition to Sunday afternoon and during the late morning Mass on Sundays, we offer a further two slots on Saturday mornings.
The last baptism was a little bit late so I relied on a visiting seminarian to put things away for me as I dashed off to New Malden to give a couple of talks at the Study Day for those doing the Maryvale Catechists' Course. Then it was back to the parish for the evening Mass.
Sometimes lay people wonder what we do all day. Some even think our life must be boring! It's not. To be a priest is a wonderful vocation with each day bringing its own specific joys and excitements.

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Clare Vardon said...

Dear Fr Stephen,

The sponsored walk has raised £391.82 so far, and that is before most of the individual sponsor money comes in. We are lucky to have such a generous parish to support us.