Sunday, February 15, 2009

St John's Day

On Wednesday I was at the seminary for the celebration of St John's Day. The College celebrates its feast day some time into the new term because a proper celebration just after Christmas is difficult. It is an occasion to which the Rector invites all those who support the College in various practical ways in the course of the year. I like to attend events like these and it is good to meet up with College benefactors one would not ordinarily have other contact with.
Wednesday also saw the launch of "The Evangelist" - the College Magazine which has been revamped and given a special vocations focus this year. It is a great production with lots in it both for those thinking about priesthood and also for those who simply want to know about seminary life or to pray for vocations.

After a solemn Mass and a formal meal we had a quiet afternoon. The students, of course, were angaged in clearing things away after the festivities. There was then time for prayer and Vespers before the next round of fun took place in the "Dive" - the student common room. By popular demand the evening consisted of cocktails and karaoke! Lest anyone claim it wasn't their idea... we have the evidence!

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Joe said...

Fr. Stephen, do you know where I can get a copy of 'The Evangelist'?