Sunday, February 08, 2009

Quo Vadis Group

On Friday we had our monthly meeting of the Quo Vadis Group which is for A Level and university age students. We were about ten in all and were treated by Fr Dominic Allain to an excellent sermon on faith after the example of St Paul Miki and his companions as well as an excellent catechesis after a very welcome Chinese meal.
Some of the people who attend travel quite a long way to be present at the meetings (we had one student from Leicester and two studying in Wales, so there's the option of staying overnight in the Vocations House in Balham. Those who did so were treated to the talk on "Charles Darwin and the Culture of Death" that was mentioned in last week's Times.
During half term the Quo Vadis Group will be travelling to Normandy to visit Lisieux.


The Secret Squirrel said...

Do you have a bias in favour of Dom & Phil, Father? They appear at the top of your post about the retreat too....I'm starting to feel insulted!!

Fr Stephen said...

No bias.
I just thought squirrels were jealous of their secrecy.
Besides, who's that at the top of the "At My Service" post?

The Secret Squirrel said...

Not funny, Father. Not funny.