Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Day Off

I had hoped to get some posts up over the last few days but I've been a bit busy. On Thursday morning, after the early morning Mass here, I made my way over to St Patrick's, Soho, to give a couple of classes on 'Evangelium Vitae' to the students at SPES, the school of mission in the parish. From the point of view of doctrinal content, this document is arguably the most important of all the encyclicals written by Pope John Paul II. It is well worth reading again.
After the morning's classes I made my way over to the Edgeware Road where I celebrated a second Mass, this time for the Good Counsel Network. The people who work there contribute so effectively to promoting and defending the cause of life that I am happy to help out whenever I can.
That evening I was at Kings College chaplaincy to give a talk to the students. It's one I've given before and takes its title, 'Aids, Condoms and the Catholic Church', from a similar talk Fr Tim Finigan once gave here in the parish. Fr Tim's talk opened my eyes to the possibility of showing through published statistical evidence that promoting condom use does not stem the rise of HIV/AIDS. In fact it contributes to it. Intrigued, I did some of my own research and found that the evidence is in fact overwhelming. It's a talk I've been asked to give to the students at St Andrew's later this year.

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