Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Balham Catenians

Officers and Members of Circle 350

Last night I attended a special ceremony at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon to establish the new Balham Circle of the Catenian Association. The new Circle is number 350 and is part of Province 19. Two hundred and nine Catenians from all over the country attended the event and together represented twelve provinces and fifty-five Circles. I was impressed to meet men who had travelled down from North Yorkshire in order to be present and who were planning to get home for business meetings this morning. During the meeting prayers were said for the Catenians suffering in Zimbabwe and also for those in Australia. Messages of congratulations came from all over the world, and a silver spoon was sent from Cairns - apparently this is held by the newest Circle so Circle 350 will have it until Circle 351 becomes established.
We first started talking about the possibility of establishing the Catenians in the parish several years ago and just over a year ago we were able to take the first formal step by becoming established as a 'Group'. I was particularly pleased to see that membership had increased sufficiently for us to become a fully-fledged Circle because this is the Centenary Year of the Catenian Association.
Amongst many good works, the Catenians are particularly interested in promoting vocations. In March they will be hosting a day here in the parish for the launch of our new diocesan Vocations Handbook which, we hope, will greatly assist the work of vocations promotion in Southwark.

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