Thursday, January 08, 2009

Vocations Retreat

Later this month we have our annual Vocations Retreat at St John´s Seminary, Wonersh. I notice from Facebook that we already have seven people signed up. There are also a number of others who haven´t yet discovered Facebook as a way of sitting at the computer and yet being a million miles away from one´s desk!
The Retreat begins on Friday 30th January and ends on Sunday 1st February. It starts with supper on the first day and ends after lunch on the Sunday. For a good number of those currently in seminary the Vocations Retreat has been a significant moment in their journey towards priesthood. Most of the young men who attend have no more than a sense that they might possibly have a vocation. In the course of the weekend that sense is sometimes strengthened, sometimes they realise that priesthood is not for them. Always they come away with a sense of the importance of prayer in their Christian life and grateful for having had the opportunity to 'come away a while' and spend quality time in the Lord´s presence.
Although organised by Southwarkvocations, the retreat has always been a joint venture with Fr Paul Turner, the Vocations Director of Arundel and Brighton, in recent years other dioceses have also asked to send candidates.
The policy of A&B and Southwark is that we don´t make a charge for the retreat. If you´d like to join us or want more information send me an email at Southwarkvocations (I´m writing this on someone else´s computer, if that link doesn´t work, try the email address at the top of the page).

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