Saturday, January 03, 2009

They don't teach you that in Seminary...

Today we woke up to a cold house. The boiler, which had been playing up for a couple of days, had finally given out and couldn't be revived. Fortunately we have already booked an engineer to come on Monday morning so it should be fixed soon. Poor Fr Augustus, who is from Nigeria, was already suffering from the cold! I'm sure the two North American seminarians staying with us aren't terribly impressed but they are putting on a good face. When you step out of a freezing cold shower it makes a very cold room seem almost warm - for about thirty seconds.
The other unexpected problem today is that the internet connection in the parish also decided to give up the ghost this afternoon. One minute it was there - the next it had gone. So far we've not been able to figure out why. I'm sure it's something to do with the new telephone system but we won't know until Monday. I hope it is straightforward to fix. We get a lot of emails each day and there's no way of letting people know there's an internal problem.
As it happens on Monday I will be getting away for a short break. I feel as if I'm abandoning the ship because we also have work beginning on the Church drains that day - but if I don't go then I won't get a break at all. I leave quite early on Monday morning and will be away for the whole week. I'll be flying to Valencia and will spend the time visiting a priest friend in Benecassim. I'm looking forward to it - I hear the paellas are great!

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