Friday, January 23, 2009

New Vatican Channel on Youtube

Click the link above to be taken to the new Vatican channel on Youtube. It looks like an exciting site with links to Vatican Radio and Television. You can also subscribe to a news feed.
The clamour in the British press about the Holy Father's address to the College of Cardinals is evidence of how important this new channel is. You may remember the Pope was vilified for having attacked homosexuals - only when the dust settled and we had a chance to read what he said, he didn't mention them at all.
Those of us who have attended World Youth Day events are also only too aware of how they get ignored over here. This new channel is another good reason to save on a licence fee and start selecting for ourselves what we want to know about.


Clare said...

Shouldn't you make a post about the excellent talk given to Forum Christi on Sunday? :)

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks Clare - since it was me who gave the talk I couldn't really wax-lyrical about the speaker, but it might well be worth putting something up on the content. For those who weren't there... the title was "Charles Darwin and the Culture of Death". It wasn't about evolution, just about how his anthropology has contributed to the culture of death and can, in fact, be traced in a direct line to those who justified the Nazi barbarism. Fascinating stuff.