Sunday, January 11, 2009

Home Tomorrow

Today is the last day of my post-Christmas break as tomorrow I catch the plane back to London from Valencia. I´d hoped to post a few more articles, but unfortunately both I and the parish priest where I am staying went down with flu! Actually I thought it was food-poisoning but the doctor came and confirmed that the symptoms were those of a flu strain currently prevalent in this part of Spain. It does mean of course that I get home having had a lot of bed rest!
At the same time, I did have a chance to go to Tarragona where I met up with the Archbishop whom I knew before he became a bishop. I was also able to enjoy the celebration of Los Reyes (Epiphany) - the day on which presents are exchanged in Spain.
Today I celebrated Mass in a local convent only to find in the congregation a man who spends every Easter in my parish. The world - as they say over here - is a handkerchief! I asked the sisters and the lay people at Mass to pray for vocations in England and especially those thinking of applying this year. I´m pretty sure they will be faithful to their promise. Nothing like stacking up treasure in heaven, eh?

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