Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Home and Finally Resurfacing

I got home just over a week ago but still suffering the effects of a pretty ghastly flu that left me without energy until Saturday - hence the unintended silence on the Blog!
In Spain the Feast of the Epiphany is a big thing. On the night before there's a procession of the Wise Kings through the streets. They are accompanied by giant 'pages' and throw sweets and toys to the excited children.

Epiphany (rather than Christmas)is also the day on which presents are exchanged. This is sometimes done with great formality as the Wise Kings are welcomed with a song, and then proceed to read a proclamation of the merits (or otherwise) of the members of the household during the year. Why should priests miss out on the fun? Since I was there for the Feast I joined a group of priests as they welcomed the Wise Men and duly received the (temporal) reward of their labours:

I got back to find that we now have twenty three men signed up for the forthcoming Vocations Retreat. That's really great. Please keep it in your prayers.


Kate said...

Twenty three signed up- that's wonderful, will keep you all in our prayers.

neville said...

How wonderful that twenty-three young men should be discerning what God wants them to do with their lives ! You are all in our family prayers, as well as the priests involved in the Retreat.

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks Neville and Kate.
One has now dropped out because of work commitments but I'm sure we will replace him by next weekend - if the seminary can accommodate us all!
Prayers are very much appreciated.