Friday, January 23, 2009

Filling Up the Seminary

Yesterday I travelled down to Wonersh to have a chat with some of the students who will be helping with the Retreat next weekend. I also got to speak to the college bursar who tells me they are having difficulty finding accommodation for all the young men who have signed up. Isn't that great? I'm chuffed to think we'll have managed to fill up the seminary for the weekend.

Of course, the problem is a little more complicated than it sounds. There are some students who are part time and who have some of the better rooms and also some who have left but who haven't yet evacuated their rooms. Nevertheless, the basic fact is clear. This year's Vocations Retreat, which is the biggest one so far, is going to fill the seminary for the weekend.

Now what we need is for all the readers of this Blog to storm heaven for its success.


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Will certainly pray

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks Jackie. We've now got 23 signed up and I'm having to turn people away.