Monday, December 15, 2008

What can bring us happiness many say...

A young man left the Church very upset yesterday. Not annoyed. Just upset. The homily for Gaudete Sunday was about happiness and joy. In particular I preached about difference between the false joys promised by the world: the joy of a momentary gratification that leaves us alone and unfulfilled, and the joy of being loved and giving oneself in love. As befits the theme of Gaudete Sunday it was a hope-filled: the very experience of the Real Absence for many will give way to a longing for the Real Presence. That's what happened to that young man who just happened to have accompanied his girlfriend to Mass. He looked at his life and found everything he held important to be a lie. He had embraced what the world had promised and found it to be a rotting corpse that collapsed even as lay hold upon it. He came to realise that there must be something more to life. His problem, as he wept into his arms leaning against his flash car - would he be able to leave the past behind and begin again. Could he extricate himself from the world of shadows to walk along the path of light?
Who knows? Pray for him.

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Volker said...

Very moving... I will keep him in my prayers.

Blessed Christmas to you and to all young people in Britain and Germany struggling with discernment,

Your brother in vocations ministry