Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I've never met Fr Stan Fortuna but I'd like to. I've read some of his books and I've certainly heard some of his music - which of course isn't everyone's cup of tea. But it is reaching to a whole generation of unchurched youngsters and introducing them to Christ and the demands of the Gospel. That's what matters.

When I was at seminary we used to hear a lot about 'being pastoral' and 'using a language the people can relate to'. The trouble was that there wasn't enough said about being true to yourself - because you are the person Jesus called. Sometimes students would pretend they wanted to be 'right on' and 'hip' in an outdated sort of way. I've often thought of that since ordination because in my experience young people are much more comfortable when they witness authenticity in a priest than when they see them pretending to be something they're not. Now that's a consolation to someone like me!

So there's no point me trying to learn to rap in order to be more 'pastoral'. Thanks be to God. I'm quite happy to leave it to the experts. And that includes Fr Stan. He's not faking it. He's the real thing which is why he's so popular with young people. I don't suppose he'd be enormously at home with our polyphonic choir and I certainly would be able to do what he gets up to. God uses all our different talents in different ways.

But that's the great thing about a vocation. We're not all the same. There is no pro-forma. Some of us are pretty useless in the eyes of the world. And yet Jesus calls us and, if we are faithful, through us he continues to restore sight to the blind and make whole the withered limbs of our society.

Enjoy the video.

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miss book said...

Thanks Fr.,How good it is to be reminded that God uses all our different talents in different ways.It's about being the person that He calls each to be, maybe that wouldn't work so well if we were only clones of each other!
I have met Fr. Stan only once, and though I am well past youth, I was impressed by his deep faith and ability to draw people towards God.