Monday, December 01, 2008

Could it be You?

Those of you familiar with the old adverts for the National Lottery might think the title of this post is something to do with either winning a fortune or a big finger coming out of the sky telling you to go off to seminary. Actually it's neither!

It's really an invitation for you to xroll down the side bar as far as the site meter counter. If you are visiting this blog on Tuesday 2nd December the chances are you will be our forty-thousandth visitor. Pretty impressive! Do leave a comment to say you were here. You don't need to leave your name, although it would be great if you did.

Ignore the second (lower) counter. For some reason the top one disappeared for a while and I added another. Then it reappeared just as suddenly. Now I can't tell which one to eliminate and I've probably forgotten the password anyway!


neville said...

Thank you, Father, for your wonderful efforts in promoting and fostering vocations to the Priesthood ! As you know only too well, young people love a challenge and seek after Truth, the sort of positive response that inspired the great Edmund Campion, whose Feast Day it is today and whose heroic example of standing up for the One True Faith is so needed in modern Britain. Great stuff !

Matthew Jarvis said...

Well, sadly I'm not the winner, but I was number 40004 instead, which has a nice symmetry at least!

Daniel said...

Congratulations on reaching 40,000 visits - I am currently considering the priesthood, and although not in the diocese, am finding the blog a great resource.

berenike said...