Saturday, November 29, 2008

St John's Open Day

Tomorrow there is an Open Day at St John's Seminary, Wonersh. This is a good time to visit the seminary and I've used the opportunity in recent years to take down some men who may be thinking of a priestly vocation. I'd hoped to do the same this year but, unfortunately, it has proved impossible to get a supply priest to cover the morning Masses here. It's a shame but that's life!

What I will probably do is stay for the morning Masses and then leave here at lunchtime. I should get there just after lunch and be about for the afternoon activities. I still have to get a supply to hear confessions during the evening Mass but that shouldn't be too difficult. In our parish we offer confessions during Mass. Many parishes have kept a confessions timetable suited to a 1950s way of life. These days, Saturdays are much busier than they were in the past and so we bit the bullet in the year 2000 and started offering confessions at times when people would be in Church. We haven't looked back. We have lots and lots of confessions in our Church and the Sunday evening session is particuarly popular so I'm loath to cancel it.

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