Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lunch at Allen Hall

I had a very nice lunch today at Allen Hall, the Westminster Seminary. It was good to see some familiar faces among the student body and I was very well looked after by my host, Fr Stephen Wang. I'd only been to the seminary a couple of times before, and never really had the chance to look round much, so it was good to be given a post-prandial tour. The student body seemed to be on very good form and it was nice to see a good number of them from all over the world. I sat next to a young man from Brisbane and more or less opposite another from Colombia. Someone mentioed that there are also three Norwegian students at the seminary.
One of the projects for this year is to promote the seminary Chapel as a place of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to foster vocations. Each week a different parish from the diocese will be invited to come and prayer there. It seems an excellent idea. Apart from the prayer, I am sure it is a good way of getting the seminary known and of helping to encourage the 'culture of vocation' in Westminster.
After lunch I headed up to Westminster Cathedral - I hadn't yet seen it in the scaffolding and nor had I had much of a look at the mosaics. Calling in to the CTS bookshop I noticed next weekend's Catholic press is already out so I picked up a copy of The Universe which this week carries an article I wrote, and also the Catholic Herald because. following a press release from the National Office for Vocation, it had interviewed me on the 'vocations effect' of World Youth Day. Now I'm back in the parish looking forward to our talk tonight on St Paul.

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