Monday, November 10, 2008

Jamie Carragher

A comment left on my post about the Faith, Family & Future conference led me to explore the Torch of the Faith blog where I discovered a fascinating post about Jamie Carragher, the Liverpool Vice-Captain and European Cup Winner.
Carragher's autobiography gives witness to his mother's faith. I meet many women who are pressurised into terminating their pregnancy. It is particularly hard for them to battle to defend their unborn child's life when the medical establishment claims that, in the eyes of the world, there is something 'wrong' with that child. Fortunately many of them are strong enough to resist.

In the opening pages of his book, this is what Carragher has to say -

'My book of Revelations begins with the most dramatic:
if my mum hadn't been a Roman Catholic,
I might have been aborted.

Paula Carragher was given the option of a termination
due to complications halfway through her pregnancy.
She was told I had spina-bifida- a birth defect that affects
the spinal cord. She was too religious to consider abortion,
no matter how disabled I'd be.

'Our Lord told me to have the baby', she still claims.
She's the rock on which my family is built.
I owe everything to that decision
she took thirty years ago'.


John Smeaton, SPUC director said...

Thank you for posting this inspiring story. It is a sad irony that Professor Nicholas Wald, a man whose research has been responsible for the deaths of countless unborn babies, was knighted earlier this year.

torchofthefaith said...

Dear Father

Thanks for the mention!

A few years ago I was giving a pro-life talk in a high school and the teacher told the class that a decade or so earlier she had been pressured to abort by doctors who claimed her child would have abnormalities. She and her husband stuck to their guns and kept their child in the face of this pressure. In the event their child was born healthy and had no problems - not that this would have effected their approach as they upheld the right to life regardless.

Of course, we've also been blessed to meet several babies who were born with birth defects and unique trials to overcome. They brought much love and drew out powerful acts of love and sacrifice from their families.

I gave that story in another talk in a (Catholic) school a little later and was sniped down by the teachers there for being 'anti-medical'; which rather missed the point...

Let us pray for mothers who suffer such shocks and pressure and thank the Lord for the perseverance of many untold mothers.

And well done to Paula Carragher!

God Bless - Alan and Angeline

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks for the comment Alan and Angeline.
I'm afraid I have lost sight of the times I've come across such cases in my parish. Whenever I've mentioned it in the newsletter I get other mothers telling me that it happened to them. I always recommend to couples in marriage preparation that they be wary about pre-natal tests and avoid the ones which are just 'seek and destroy' missions. I raise it under 'fidelity'. I was therefore very pleased to read the article on your blog. Thanks.