Friday, November 07, 2008

God's Plan for You

I forgot to mention that last Saturday I was in New Malden for a special Vocations Day organised by one of the parishioners who attended World Youth Day iwth Arundel and Brighton Diocese where she works in a school. The theme was 'God's Plan for You' and the day went very well. It had been carefully planned with everyone's talk fitting seamlessly into a Powerpoint Presentation so there was always visual as well as spoken input. Since I'd onyl prepared my own presentation the night before I was amazed to see how easily it was inserted into the pre-prepared one.

The day began with Holy Mass followed by refreshments in the new parish hall where different groups had been invted to set up little displays. Fr Paul Turner (Vocations Director for Arundel and Brighton) was there with some youngsters from his diocese and there were a good number of religious sisters from a variety of religious orders. The young people present had mostly, but not all, been to Sydney for World Youth Day.

After a theological relfection on 'vocation' by Sr Finbarr, a faculty member from St John's seminary, we had presentations on the priesthood, the diaconate, marriage and the lay apsotolate. This latter was given by a member of the Theresian association. We also had presentations from three of the sisters on the charisms and work of their respective congregations. One of the older young people present, a nurse, spoke on the difficulty of living the faith in contemporary society and three of the young people also gave interesting presentations.

I had to leave before the end in order to get back for the evening Mass in the parish but I was very impressed by the day. The format would work well in a school setting and also as part of a confirmation retreat. As well as time for reflection it had pace and content - two important considerations when you work with young people!

I was sorry to have forgotten my camera.

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