Monday, November 10, 2008

Discovering Priesthood at St John's

On Saturday we had another 'Discovering Priesthood Day' at St John's Seminary, Wonersh. The idea of the day is to give young men a chance to visit the seminary, meet some of the seminarians and reflect on the nature of a call to priesthood. The day is organised jointly by Southwark and Arundel and Brighton. Fr Paul Turner the A&B vocations director is pictured here alongside those who joined us for the day.

Our Discovering Priesthood Days incorporate a number of different elements. After an initial introduction and tour of the Seminary, we celebrate Holy Mass together in the College Chapel. Towards the end of the day we gather again in the Chapel for a period of silent prayer and Eucharistic Adoration. Benediction was given by Fr Aaron Spinelli, the most recently ordained priest of the Arundel and Brighton Diocese. After Benediction we observed a seminary custom and processed to the Lady Chapel for the singing of the Salve Regina. The Chapel is dedicated to Our Lady, Queen of Clergy:

In the morning one of the seminarians, John Watts, spoke about his discernment process. John began his seminary training when he was nineteen and he encouraged those present not to be scared of applying young if they thought that was the right thing to do.

Unfortunately it rained heavily all day and so we decided to call off the post-prandial football, retiring instead to the student common room, known as 'The Dive', where the more energetic played table-tennis, while others put to good use both the dartboard and the snooker tables.

After the recreation period we were able to watch a new vocations film from the United States.

I was very pleased with the day and hope everyone who came enjoyed it. I know from the conversations I had that it encouraged a number of those present to go ahead and apply when they finish their studies. I hope, in the meantime, they will keep in touch. I should also add, that the seminarians were, as usual, outstanding in their kindness and hospitality towards us - not least in giving up their day off to look after us all.


Arundel & Brighton Communications Office said...

Dear Stephen
As you may or may not know I am the A&B Communications person.I saw your blog and hope you do not mind but I nicked one of the photos to but on my communications blog ( I did at least have the good grace to put a link through to your vocations blog. I am encouraging Paul Turner to think of doing similar.
Hope you are well and if you visit the A&B News blog you will realise the get together I mention is 20 years priesthood for Tom Wood, Marcus Stock, Simon Peat and Alex Sherbroke. It is Russell Wright who cannot make it to the get together. They kindly invited me along as I was their year.
God bless
Mark Woods

Anonymous said...

Nutella!!! why did i go home on saturday????
i really enjoyed the day, thought it was fantastic.
the photos are really good, phil's face is the best! :)
thanks again father stephen

Anonymous said...

Hi Father

Thanks so much for the weekend - a great experience! Look forward to seeing you all again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fr. Stephen,

Thanks for a great weekend. I really enjoyed the seminary - good to see it in the flesh. Definately a day of persuasion. Thanks for putting us up also and ferrying us all about. It was good to see you. Hope you're well.

Anonymous said...

Hello Fr Stephen
Saturday was very useful. Not only was it about God's calling but it covered in detail things like application, seminary life and the mechanics of actually becoming a priest, which I thought was most useful.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for a most enlightening and fun day