Monday, October 27, 2008

Vocations Directors' Conference

If I seem to be piling up the posts it's because I'm going to be away from the parish again this week and probably won't have much internet access. I hate being away so much, not because I don't enjoy what I do but because parishes are unforgiving creatures: the mail piles up and more and more people leave messages wanting appointments. They will, however, have to wait until next week because in a couple of hours I leave for Ushaw College, the seminary on Ushaw Moor just outside Durham. I'm going up for the Vocations Directors' Conference. This is a very useful annual meeting that not only gives us a chance to swap ideas and experiences but also lets us discuss issues and formulate policy.
In recent years a lot of new vocations directors have been appointed in the dioceses of England and Wales and it has been interesting to see how new blood has contributed to a new enthusiasm in the work of actively promoting vocations. There are even a number of dioceses who now try to promote young vocations and it is no longer unusual to see vocations directors at prayer festivals and events organised by the New Movements. This must surely be a good thing.
I look forward to the meeting and will now switch off the computer to pack before the long drive up north!

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