Friday, October 17, 2008

St John's Association

Yesterday I was at the seminaru for the St John's Association day. It began with the celebration of Mass presided over by the Rector. After Mass there were refreshments with a fine lunch at 1.00pm. There are a number of similar events in the course of the year and the one best attended is usually the AGM. It was good, however, to see priests from all over the province and I think their presence and example would have been an encouragement to the seminarians. The Student Dean and the Rector both spoke after the meal. The Rector mentioned that there are currently 36 students in the house and that a third of them come from Southwark.

I was able to chat with a couple of our seminarians both before and during the meal. After lunch I tried to get round to see everyone else. I was pleased to see how well the new men are settling in and to note a general upbeat enthusiasm amongst the Southwark men. In some ways seminaries are like schools and by this point in the term people can be quite tired so I wasn't surprised to hear that everyone is looking forward to half term next week. Some are going to spend it quietly at home and in their parishes while others are going to exotic places such as the Lake District and Wales! There's a group of seven who will be walking in the Lakes and I must say I would like to be going with them. I used to visit the Lakes a lot and always enjoyed my walking holidays up there.

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