Saturday, October 04, 2008

Quo Vadis Group

Yesterday evening we had the inaugural meeting of our new Quo Vadis Group. There were seventeen young people who came down for the meeting and a further seven who had come over from the Cardinal Vaughan Schola to sing at the Mass.
It was a great evening. Fr Dominic, who is looking after the group for me, preached an encouraging sermon reminding us of some of our World Youth Day experiences. We then had supper together in his new presbytery amidst his boxes and his predecessor's 'remains'! Fr Dominic had only been there two days but he said the meeting had helped him already being to feel at home. After supper he spoke about the purpose of the group and its forthcoming pilgrimage to Lisieux. Then I gave a reflection on the 'defects' of St Therese! I was able to give out some Holy Land Rosaries from one of our benefactors and encourage them to take care of their devotion to Our Lady. I was also able to pass on a special blessing from Cardinal Pell. I had seen him a few days earlier and told him about the new group and that it had taken a motto from his sermon during the opening Mass at World Youth Day: one mission is worth a thousand possibilities.
After Night Prayer and Benediction we stayed for a hot chocolate and then those who had travelled furthest came back to Balham where they stayed overnight in the Vocations House. This morning we had prayer together at 8.30am and, after Mass, a day dedicated to apologetics. It was one of those 'priests on the hot seat' experiences with me trying to answer the excellent questions they came up with.
This evening Fr Marcus came back to the parish for a farewell Mass. It was good to see the Church full and I was pleased that lots came into the school hall for a reception afterwards. The cake was well laced with spirits by the ladies of the parish - I hope he didn't eat too much because he is driving back to Tunbridge Wells tonight!

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Maureen said...

Dear Father Stephen,

Thank you for sharing the news of the Quo Vadis group. I was interested to read that they are making a pilgrimage to Lisieux. For more about the life, writings, spirituality, and mission of St. Therese, and about the beatification of her parents, please see the Web site Thank you.