Thursday, September 18, 2008

Seekers Meeting

Tomorrow we have our first Seekers Meeting of the new term. Our numbers will be down because a lot of our regulars have now started at seminary. We have three men starting at the Beda, one each at the Venerabile and Valladolid, and five men starting at St John's, Wonersh. Please keep them in your prayers.
Tomorrow I will be handing out a number of application forms. It is certainly beginning to look as if we will have a number of applicants fo next year as well. I am sure we will if we pray hard enough.
The Seekers Meetings give us a chance to meet together once a month. There is generally some input - often a talk on a spiritual subject. We also have a meal together. In this way we try to fulfil the objective of encouraging friendship amongst those called by God to serve him in the priesthood.

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