Thursday, July 24, 2008

More from the papers on WYD

Ozzie papers that is... I'm staying on in Australia until the end of the month and won't have a chance to do much with my photos until I get home. Until then I'll keep publishing some snippets from newspaper articles, since there was an information blackout in England. What's most interesting about these articles is that they are positive despite the sometimes apparent ignorance of Catholicism on the part of the reporter.

"It was intensely joyful and thought-provoking; prayerful and vibrant, richly colourful and above all transcendent. In an outdoor cathedral, the likes of which the world has never seen, the spirituality in Sydney yesterday was palpable".
Tess Livingstone on the Opening Mass at Barangaroo.

"There is a major event underway in Sydney and, once again, the city is awash with innocents from abroad. [...] They are people of faith. After a full day on the railways, some still believe that a train may yet arrive. Unlike Sydneysiders, who carry with them the princely burden of pricey real-estate, these pilgrims are shiny, happy people. Each is coloured like a Tequila Sunrise, with an official jacket hat is a little bit red and a little bit orange. Each also has a hat (if Australian it comes with corks), a flaming backpack and a flag, worn like a cape, across the shoulders. If they are German, they also wear sandals with socks".
Caroline Overlington.

In fact, the WYD08 was so well organised that there was no traffic breakdown. As Imre Salusinsky reported: "Welcom to a Sydney motorist's paradise, aka World Youth Day"!

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