Monday, June 02, 2008

Vocations Retreats at Downside

Meeting Dom David Foster last week reminded me that Downside offers a number of Vocations Retreats over the course of the year. These are organised by Dom David who is novice master at the monastery.
The next retreat will take place later this month from Friday 20th until Sunday 22nd June. "Prayer" is the theme of the weekend and it will look into such questions as 'How can I pray better?", "How can I know Jesus in Prayer?" and "How does prayer share in the Church's work and mission?"
For more information visit the monastery's website.


Christopher said...

Can I really recommend a retreat at Downside? I have been privileged enough to visit the monastery last year and (God willing) will do so again this summer. Dom David is a great host and I have found his spiritual guidance invaluable (and the community is very kind and welcoming!).

Good to see your blog back in action, too, Father!

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks for the comment Christopher. I have a friend who will be starting at Downside soon so please keep him in your prayers.
Thanks also for welcoming back the Blog! I had lots of requests to resurrect it and I know that it has helped a few men take the plunge!

Christopher said...

I'll certainly keep your friend in my prayers; perhaps I will even bump into him during a visit to Downside. (I myself am trying to discern the possibility of religious vocation, and so if you can, please perhaps also say a prayer for me!)