Thursday, June 12, 2008

St John's Association

Today I was at the seminary for a meeting of the St John's Association. This is made up largely of former students of our diocesan seminary at Wonersh. Quite often I am asked by men thinking of the priesthood if it is a lonely life. Today it was great to see men of all ages, from the recently ordained to those enjoying fifty-four years of faithful ministry, come together as friends and colleagues. There was no loneliness there!
After the usual business at the AGM we were very fortunate to have a guest speaker in the person of Fr Gerry O'Collins SJ. Fr O'Collins taught me when I was a student in Rome and although I have attended many lectures by him in Italian this was the firsttime I had heard him give a talk in English. He is enormously well-read and has a gentle anecdotal style which was very evident today as he spoke about some of the themes of his recent book on Jesus. In particular he wanted to turn our thoughts towards the beauty of Jesus. It was an interesting presentation and was very well-received by those present.
After the talk we celebrated Holy Mass together and then enjoyed a magnificent festal meal. Before leaving I suggested it would be a good idea to get a photograph of the Rector, Mgr Jeremy Garratt with Fr O'Collins for the college archives and - of course - for the Southwark Vocations Blog!

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Jardani said...

Anyway, the priesthood is a lonely life. And...? When I was a student of theology at the University of Navarre (Spain) I was told that loneliness would accompanied me in my priestly path, and precisely because of that, I had to focus my ministry in one truth: I was called by God and I was unique for Him.