Tuesday, June 24, 2008

God in the Streets of Balham

On Sunday the Deanery Corpus Christi Procession took place here in the parish. It was very well attended although about ten minutes before we were due to start I was wandering whether there would be sufficient numbers to take to the streets. As so often happens there was a great rush of people at the last minute and we ended up with a crowd of about three hundred.

Bishop Paul Hendricks joined us for the occasion and carried the Blessed Sacrament. Our parish monstrance is too heavy for a procession so we were grateful to be able to borrow one from another deanery parish, the Sacred Heart in Battersea. I was particularly grateful to the Knights who came from various deanery parishes who helped marshall the procession, and also to a number of our Seekers and newly accepted candidates for the priesthood in Southwark who, among other things, helped carry the canopy.

No one can remember when we last had a Deanery Corpus Christi Procession but the comments afterwards showed just how important it is to revive it. A lot of people were moved to tears - and not just older people remembering their youth, also young parents who said they had never experienced a procession before.

Afterwards the priests of the Deanery and Bishop Paul came over to the house where we were able to sit in the garden and enjoy the afternoon sun. All that was missing was a glass of Pimms!


Jardani said...

Could you, please, pray for Fr. David, a 27 years old just ordanined priest in Madrid (Spain). Today the doctor told him he has a very advanced cancer. Thank you.

Fr Stephen said...

Porsupuesto! I'll mention him in the next post.