Sunday, June 08, 2008

Eight New Seminarians for Southwark

Whenever I meet a Vocations Director at this time of the year the question is always the same: "How many new men do you have this year?" I feel for those Vocations Directors who have put a lot of effort into their work but in the end haven't had any applicants. It is a temporary drought: I am sure the work they are doing will bear many fruits in the long-term.
Southwark has been particularly blessed this year because in September we will have eight men begin their studies. Now that may not reach my target of twelve but it is a good number nevertheless! We ask you to keep them in your prayers.
The other question that gets asked is where they will be studying. This year we are sending two of the new men to the Beda College in Rome and one to the Venerable English College, also in Rome. Four men will go St John's, our diocesan seminary in Wonersh, Surrey. One man will be going to St Alban's in Valladolid. St Alban's is also known as the Real Colegio de los Ingleses in recognition of its founder, Philip II of Spain.
I would also like to ask your prayers for Con Boyle and Shaju Varkey, our two deacons who will be ordained as priests in the next few weeks.

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