Thursday, May 15, 2008

Promoting Vocations

It's funny how easily we succumb to national caricatures. The English are supposed to be very punctual and pragmatic. In fact I once met a Spanish priest who said the very thought of an Englishman with a timetable made his skin creep.
Perhaps our tendency to programme everything and fill every spare moment with activity of one sort or another is not such a good thing after all - as Pope John Paul so often reminded us - being comes before action. I've just come across this video on Love to Be Catholic about 'Quo Vadis Days' - a vocations promotion week for teenagers in an American diocese. It takes place in a beautiful outdoor setting and includes plenty of hikes, swimming and general fun as well as the more serious reflection on priesthood and vocation. To me at least it seems like an ideal form of vocations promotion for that age group. Message to my fellow English Vocations Promoters: we should take note!

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