Monday, May 05, 2008


There was an interview in the paper on Saturday with a photographer who said he always liked returning to England. He found it a bit much abroad that people celebrated every little success and looked forward to coming home to good old British churlishness!
I thought of him when I came across an email asking for a new vocations poster. The more typical experience of my friends who are vocations directors is that when they mention the need for publicity material someone always come back that posters don't make a vocation. Of course they don't. But if someone has a vocation and is running away from it a strategically placed poster can remind them. If someone feels in their heart that God is calling them to something more but they are not sure what a vocations poster might just provide them with the key. And for the many thousands of people who go to Mass every week in our parishes an attractive poster might encourage them to keep asking the Lord of the harvest for those labourers he promised to send!

Here's a poster from the Archdiocese of Birmingham. It has an arresting strap-line.

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