Thursday, May 15, 2008

Newspaper Interview

In this post you can read my response to the third question posed in a recent interview for The Priest. By following the link to St Patrick's you'll be able to read some of the talks given there by various speakers as part of the enormously successful Theology of the body series.

Q. You said that we can be too ‘teachy’. Do you mean that we put too much emphasis on the Catechism with young people?
R. Not at all. In fact I think the opposite is true. Recently I gave a talk on “Sex, Condoms and the Catholic Church” in St Patrick’s, Soho. I was amazed that over sixty young adults turned up. These are the John Paul Generation. They accept the Church’s teaching but they want to understand it. If they understand it they will assimilate it and express it in their lives. That way faith will become culture. We must teach the Truth but we must also respond to the questions and challenges young people face. Pope John Paul said we have to become ‘experts in humanity’. I think that also means that we have to listen to their questions and offer answers informed by the Church’s teaching. It is interesting that I meet more and more young people with a great interest in apologetics – something that after the Council an older generation regarded as somewhat passé. If they begin to feel their questions have answers they will start asking more profound ones and that will lead to a great generosity towards God in their lives.

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