Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dominican Resurgence?

I've noticed an increasing number of girls who talk to me about a vocation ask what I know of the Dominicans. That is great. I always find it hard when someone says: "I'd like to enter religious life but don't know where I should go". Religious life is so varied that it helps to have an idea of whether one is called to a life of solitude, of active service, of study, of teaching or of whole hearted service to the poorest of the poor. A number of young women find the Dominican life attractive because it involves community life, prayer and active service. This video about the Nashville Dominicans shows why it could be a particularly attrasctive way of life to a young woman:

Of course, Nashville would be a long way to go so I feel obliged to point out that there are a number of Dominican communities here in England. The only one I've visited is in Hampshire and many of you may know St Jacinthe OP who seems to have boundless energy for youth activities. Here's an inspiring photograph from their website which you can access by clicking here:

Do get in touch with the sisters if you are thinking about religious life. I am sure they can help you discern God's will.


Anonymous said...

perhaps yourself or readers may be interested in the 7 different Dominican Vocation videos i have linked below?
in Christ.

Fr Stephen said...

Thank you Hermit with a Permit. I'm sure people will enjoy them. I notice there's also one from Blackfriars, Oxford.

Moniales said...

Father there is a also the cloistered branch (St. Dominic's first born!) of Dominican Nuns. We never had many monasteries in England and Carrisbrooke closed in the early '90's. God willing we'll be back someday!
We too have noticed the same thing. We're experiencing new growth and almost all the women who come come BECAUSE we are Dominican. Before it would be, "I don't know where God is calling me."

God bless you!

Fr Stephen said...

Thanks for the comment sister. I'm sure if we had more Dominican nuns in England it would speed up the renewal. I met the 'Nashville Dominicans' in Sydney. They were looking radiant!
I'm sorry to hear about Carrisbrooke. Are there no cloistered Dominican convents left this side of the pond?

Moniales said...

Father, at this point there are no cloistered Dominicans in England. There is a monastery in Ireland.

Please pray that the Lord blesses our American monasteries with vocations because going back to the "motherland" would definitely be a possibility.
We would have to learn English again, I suppose!