Saturday, May 10, 2008

Do they play football?

Today Bishop John interviewed our six candidates for the diocese this year. I was amused by a conversation during the week with one of the seminarians at Wonersh. St John's was beaten by the students at Scotus College in the inter-seminary football competition earlier this year, so his primary concern was that we should send a few lads to Wonersh with a certain prowess on the football field!
The Bishop's interview is the final stage in the selection process. All our candidates have spent a lot of time with me discerning their call to priesthood. They have also had a psychological assessment lasting a couple of days. We use the St Luke's Centre near Manchester for this. They've also attended a Selection Advisory Conference at the seminary. The formal interview with the Bishop comes at the end of this process. He receives all the documents a few weeks before meeting the candidates and has a chance to ask questions or clarifications from me. In this way he can develop some idea of what he would like to ask each candidate. Today the interviews seemed to go well and al the candidates came out looking happy and relaxed. They then headed off for a meal together before, if all goes according to plan, taking one of the boat trips from Westminster to Greenwich.
Meanwhile, at Archbishop's House the seminary Rector joined us for lunch which was followed by a discussion of each candidate. How did they do? That will have to wait for another post - after I've had a chance to meet with them all!
What I can say is that our selection procedure seems to be both thorough and fair. I don't think anyone could complain about it.

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