Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Camino de Santiago

After the 6.45am Mass this morning we were able to give the special Pilgrim's Blessing to Gareth Thomas, who was leaving for the next stage of his walk from Worcester to Santiago de Compostella along the ancient Way of St James. Yesterday he stopped at Westminster Cathedral for a photo opportunity with Whizz Kids. Although the purpose of the pilgrimage is primarily spiritual, Gareth is also hoping that it will raise some money for this charity which provides specially adapted wheelchairs for children with disabilities.
Gareth is something of an expert on the Way of St James and has walked it a number of times before, although never all the way from England. The Camino has grown in popularity in recent years and a number of books have been published giving it a New Age interpretation. Gareth is hoping that he will have lots of opportunities to help fellow pilgrims understand its profound Christian roots and to interpret it as a journey towards heaven.
The reason Gareth started from Worcester is that the grave of a medieval pilgrim was recently unearthed in the Cathedral. The Cathedral authorities have made an exact replica of the staff placed in the pilgrim's coffin and they have entrusted it to Gareth to be carried all the way to Santiago.
Gareth won't have regular access to the internet, but you will be able to follow his progress by clicking here to visit his pilgrim's blog.

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Gareth Thomas said...

Hi everyone! I have reached the river Loire at Tours, exactyly four weeks from Worcester. It is going well, but wet, very wet!