Friday, April 25, 2008

What's been happening?

I may not have been posting much lately but it wouldn't be true to say that nothing has been happening on the vocations front. In Southwark we've continued with our monthly Seekers' Meetings and also with our termly Discovering Priesthood Days. These have been a tremendous success, enabling us to give young people a taste of priestly life and ministry in the context of a relaxed day of fun as well as reflection. Last term nine youngsters joined us at Lewisham where the parish pulled out the stops to make us welcome. It was my turn to be 'priest on the hot seat' and there were lots of thoughtful questions.
We try to have Discovering Priesthood Days in different parts of the diocese and my aim would be to organise one in every deanery. In this way we encourage young men to think about the vocation God has in mind for them. At the very least it reminds them, at a key moment in their lives, that as they grow up they have to begin to accept responsibility for their Christian life and faith. I'll post again on the DPDs but in the meantime please keep them in your prayers.

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