Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back to Blogging

Those of you with long memories might recall the Southwark Vocations Blog started after a reception hosted by the Nuncio in honour of the Holy Father. In the time I was Blogging regularly I often received emails from men and women saying that the site helped them in their discernment process. I have to admit the Bloggap that started last summer was somewhat longer than I had anticipated and once you stop blogging it's hard to take it up again. In the last few months I've received messages from individuals asking me to keep the site going and it's hard to ignore those requests.
So what makes me write a post today? Last night I was at the Nuncio's reception once again and as I prepared to leave a complete stranger came up to me. "Are you Fr Stephen Langridge. We haven't met but I have to thank you" and he went on to describe how his fifteen year old son was so impressed by a time I showed 'Fishers of Men'that he reads 'Vocations News' and wants to be a priest.
He's not a Southwark lad and I doubt his father would let him apply anywhere but to his home diocese! But, as I said when I last posted, thin sowing means thin reaping - perhaps the time has come to start posting again!


Anonymous said...

Great to have you back Father!!

Forget Me Not said...

Its good see that you are back. Is this for real? or just a one off blog? Anyway I do hope you will continue and I look forward to visiting the blog
God bless

Anonymous said...

I add my thanks for your return to the blogosphere - from a female discerner to religious life and sometimes commentator on this blog.

Liam said...

Thanks for starting this up again Father.