Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bloggap Coming Up

Thin sowing means thin reaping and I'm not surprised to see that our average number of visitors has decreased rapidly in recent weeks. The truth is that it has been quite a busy time in the parish and I've not had much chance to sit before the computer and think of something to write.
Things have to get worse before they can get better so tomorrow I am going away and will only have intermittent access to the internet. We leave tomorrow morning at 5.00am to catch a Ryan Air flight to Valladolid where I'm taking a group of six young men all of whom have some sense of a vocation. The idea is to relax at the wonderful English College villa and get out a bit to visit places like Valladolid, Burgos and Avila. A friend of mine has promised us a visit to his 'Bodega' which should be fun.
We will be there until 10th August after which I will stay on in Spain to visit friends. I'm then going to do a short in-service style course for priests before getting back to the parish in time for our Novena Mass in honour of Blessed Theresa of Calcutta. Please keep our trip in your prayers.


John Paul said...

Hi Father, enjoy the hols! Here is a new blog I'm writing if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

Hello Father, just wondered if / when any more posts about your time in Spain?

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any chance Father that you can indicate whether this blog has gone to 'eternal rest' as it's a very long time since the last entry and as a discerner (female) I was enjoying keeping in touch with vocation related things.

Easter A. said...

HI Fr. Stephen,
I will link this to my next post at: A Tribute Our Priests


I will post a prayer request for you and the young men with you who are discerning religious vocation. May they find God's peace and joy in all the places you are visiting.