Saturday, June 02, 2007

What Can I do to promote Vocations?

Browsing the internet I found a diocesan webiste that has a useful ideas for individuals, schools and parishes to do to promote vocations. Here's the list for individuals:

Participate in days of prayer and Holy Hours for Vocations.
As a family pray for vocations.
Pray the Rosary and/or recite the Vocation prayer daily for the intention of Vocations.

Education and Discernment
Invite clergy and religious to visit your home and talk about Vocations.
Include specific catechesis on Vocation Awareness and Discernment during your catechetical instruction.

Promoting Vocations Be actively involved in your Parish Vocation Committee.

Directly ask/invite individuals to consider priesthood and consecrated life.

Support those in formation by letters of encouragement.

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