Saturday, June 16, 2007

First Holy Communions

Today we had the first of two First Holy Communion Masses in the parish. The next one will take place tomorrow at 11.30am To commemorate today's Mass the children at our parish school have taken to decorating plates which are then glazed and fired and can be kept as a commemoration of the day.

It's an important day for the children and also for their families. One of the nice things about being parish priest here is that I get to meet many generations of families in the course of the year - including the occasional great-great grandparent. First Holy Communion celebrations are an opportunity for everyone to come together and rejoice at the wonderful gift we receive in the Eucharist: Jesus himself.
A number of parents and guests today mentioned that the ceremony was carried out with great reverence and dignity and that tears came to their eyes as they recalled their own First Holy Communion.

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