Wednesday, June 13, 2007


An innocent enough email from a friend of mine recently asked why I wasn't on Facebook. I've been invited in the past to join a variety of internet groups but never really felt the urge. However, when my friend insisted that it would be a good way of meeting people, advertising events and promoting vocations I had to learn more.
So this week, to the horror of some and the delight of others I joined facebook. It is amazing how quickly you become hooked. It's not so much about hearing that this person's going to a party or that one's discovered a pimple on her left nostril - it's just about being aware of what's going on. Of course there's part of me that sees it as the increasing atomisation of human relationships: in the past to keep in touch we met up and chatted; then we started telephoning each other. After that we texted. Finally we emailed. Now we've removed the need for interpersonal communication at all. As one friend put it Facebook is reality - everything else is just a dream. So like Neo in the Matrix I've joined the 'real' world.
I hope it helps me meet more people thinking of priesthood. I'll get a reputation as a cyber-chaplain :o( In the meantime can feel myself getting sucked into the vortex - I need to go to check my inbox for new 'friends'...

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Anonymous said...

The number of Catholic clergy on facebook seems to be going. I wonder if the priests of Fr. John Boyle or Fr. Tim Finigan can be persuaded to join?